Wednesday, 11 June 2008

And so it goes

Somehow, high school is over.

I have an exam to write tomorrow, a grad ceremony at the end of the month and prom in a week. But that's it. For all intents and purposes... high school is over.

I don't want to be one of those people who thinks that high school is the best time of their lives, but I know I'm not one of those people who couldn't wait to leave. Sure, there were times when I was fed up with school, or the people, or the administration, but I did really enjoy my time in high school. I made great friends, learned a lot, had a lot of fun. I have changed a lot from the girl with one friend who barely knew her classmates. I've gotten comfortable. I know the people, the teachers, the school and I found my spot. Where I belong. I like it. It's comfortable. And now it's about to change all over again.

There are so many things I'll miss. I'll miss Jake's drama and ability to get the party started wherever he is. I'll miss Alexa's cheerful face. I'll miss Kevin's completely genuine, good heart. I'll miss Alex's sunglasses, Kirsten's face planted on her desk, Eric's smarts, Tegan's laugh, Bora's incredible diction, Mr Hodgson's semi-colon walk. These are the things I've surrounded myself with and this is what I'll miss.

I'm probably not done writing about the end of high school; it's liable to become a recurring theme for a while. Walking into that school and thinking that phase is about to end... I can't even wrap my head around it now. It's scary to think that it's in the past because now, the future is shiny and new and I have no idea how that will go.

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XUP said...

High school is one of those times in your life that you'll cherish forever. Not that it was the best time of your life, but maybe the time of your life that you will always look back on with nostalgia -- a time when everything was exciting and new and oh so very innocent compared with the rest of your life. Congratulations and also a little sadness.