Monday, 9 June 2008

Reading List

My reading list for next year came in the mail!!! I'm so excited. Highlights include that they swapped the Illiad for Odyssey, which I read in lit, and we do a whole section on The Tempest and Dr Faustus and Montaigne and all the things Mr Hodgson mentioned in lit but we didn't have much time to look into. I am such an excited little freshman.

I also now have a roommate. She is from Ottawa, which is exciting and means we will get to meet before move-in day... like months before. I think it is very convenient. From my small amoutn of facebook investigation, she seems to enjoy scarves and funky earrings to the extent I do and her messages have all been very friendly. She is a year older at least; she did Katimavik for a while. I feel room 010 is going to be a fun one. (Room 010 is our number. Just PS).

Ask me later about strange customers and bikinis. Two separate stories. Good ones both.


Milan said...

If you have time, consider reading Goethe's "Faust," as well. It is a lot of fun, and chock full of magic and witches.

Andrea... said...

A reading list! How exciting!!