Sunday, 1 June 2008

Midnight Phone Call

Ten Things I Hate About You is one of my favourite movies. Not only because Heath Ledger is good looking or I have a girlcrush on Julia Stiles, not only because it's one of the better Shakespearean reinventions or because it's so perfectly, painfully 90's. It is because of all of these reasons and more, and if you really want to know, we'll have tea sometime and watch it. It'll be fun!

One of the best scenes from this movie involves the boy, Heath Ledger "sacrificing himself on the altar of dignity" in order to attempt to regain the affections of his love interest, Julia Stiles. He sings "You're Just Too Good to be True". For her. His voice is not perfect but his intentions are clear and he pays the band to accompany him. I do not blame Julia Stiles one bit for breaking him out of detention, but that's another story.

A few minutes ago, I got a phone call (long-distance) from the Cute Writer. He was at karaoke, which, granted, is not my favourite thing, but he's a big fan and what the hell, I'm supportive. He called me and said "Guess what song I just sang. And it was for you."

Yes, he did. He sang the song. The song from the movie I told him I loved. I told him weeks ago. And he sang it for me.

"I wanted to call you and hold up the phone like "listen!" but, you know, long distance."

Oh, I do know. But distance or no distance... that is one of the cutest things ever. Next time I hope I'm in town for it. I might even go to karaoke, who knows.


ironic_nonsense said...

So, my heart of a puddle of girly-goo right now.


XUP said...

I don't know. How much could a phone call cost? If he was really singing a song for you, you'd think he'd want you to hear it...even if it cost him a couple of bucks in long distance dollars. But don't mind me, I'm a boyfriend cynic

La Canadienne said...

Ha, I appreciate your concern XUP. Nice to know my blogger buds got my back. But we've been heavy on the long distance lately and it's been getting costly... We have to cut down for a while!