Sunday, 29 June 2008

a nightmare

Last night I had my first dream about King's, but unfortunately, it was a nightmare. I dreamed I got to King's, opened the door to my res, walked down the stairs, and all the first floor was one small room. not separate ones. There were numbers above the beds, like the room numbers. Davis was a couple of beds away from me, and everything was super squished. She was really angry with me because I couldn't stop crying.

I went outside, and another friend, Phil, was there, and he isn't going to King's. He was fine and happy and had everything figured out. I was confused and couldn't figure out where to go and it was very dark. I felt lost and disconnected. I hate those dreams.

The same night my mom had her recurring dream that she has parked the car somewhere and can't find it, only it was that she had parked her car somewhere in Halifax.

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XUP said...

Your dream sounds like it’s about you being worried about becoming “lost” in Halifax. Though I’ve only met you briefly,(except for the part where you were almost sitting in my lap during Andrea's show) I really believe you’re completely going to love it there. My only advice would be to try not to completely immerse yourself in the school and to get out and meet and hang with some locals. I hope you’re going to keep blogging from there because I’m really looking forward to your impressions of the place.