Thursday, 3 July 2008

Pathetic Fallacy strikes again

My day did not get off to the best start today. After a much-needed Girls' Night with Davis and Sarah, we fell asleep in my basement at what was I'm sure some ridiculous hour early this morning. My alarm clock was set: my trusty mother was to wake me at 8:45 with plenty of time to get ready for work at 10.

I spent most of the night having awful nightmares, again about King's. It was the day before I was to leave and I hadn't started preparing, I needed to pack, I needed to drive myself there, I needed to find my room, then find Davis, then find my RA, then find my room again, meanwhile Davis and Sarah were chilling and were upset with me for freaking out, my mother was of no help, and I couldn't stop crying, which drew awful, judging looks from the King's students around me. This dream basically analyses itself. I kept waking up in the night, tossing and turning, gasping for breath with tears on my face. My lungs hurt. And I felt confused, lost, scared and depressed when my mom came downstairs, woke me up and said "I'm sorry... it's 9:30." Sarah said, "Is it raining?" and indeed it was. Pouring rain.

Half an hour later, late, unshowered and still stuck in a post-dream state, I showed up at work and sobbed as I opened the store, and then cried over my tea for a little while. It took me a good hour to finally shake off the dream feelings. The rain let up.

A couple of friends and the Cute Writer stopped by work and that cheered me up a lot. Without neglecting my cutomer service duties, I got to hang out with my friends, play solitaire and play the categories game. I even found a pair of shorts to wear under skirts. The sun came out.

At the end of my day of work, my mom whisked me away from work early (oh the joys of working for your mom's friend) and took me to the bookstore of purchase books for our upcoming vacation. And now I'm all excited to read them. Heather O'Neill, Alice Munro and Ian McEwan, here I come. Oh, and the new/old Jasper Fforde I've owned since last summer but haven't read yet. Summer is here! Reading lists can be forgotten until August! And the sun was warm as I drove home.

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ironic_nonsense said...

So sorry for not being in a better mental state to help you out. I thought it was best to be as unobtrusive as possible, as I hadn't quite figured out how to properly join nouns and verbs together at that early hour.
Also - very sorry for not calling out. I literally passed out as soon as I got home from work. (This is what I get for celebrating Canada Day too much, no?)
Love you. <3