Friday, 1 August 2008

Drawer Reassignment

Yesterday I took some time off of my busy chores-work-sleep schedule to go through my closet. REALLY go through. I've been going a little shopping crazy, what with finding great consignment stores in Indiana and the store where I work having its 70% off sale... Things were getting a little tight in the closet. So now everything is tidy, organized and I even rediscovered old shirts that I totally forgot I had and are very cute.

My only remaining problem is jeans. I have way too many pairs of jeans, but the problem is, I don't have my favourites. My favourite jeans are all worn out and ripped up and until I find their replacement... I have a bunch of random pairs I bought on sale which are nice, but are really just taking up room. This is my Saturday mission: jeans shopping. Wish me luck.

Meanwhile, today's mission is to get through my very long to-do list. It's now August; I need to get started on my book list for next year. Anyone have an extra copy of the Epic Of Gilgamesh lying around?

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ironic_nonsense said...

I ordered all of my books for the Ancient World via King's Bookstore.