Tuesday, 5 August 2008

A couple of days ago I got an envelope from King's. I love getting mail, so I got really, really excited. It was a big envelope, nice and thick. It arrived just as I was running out the door to work, so I had all day to think about it. Was it about residence? Was it boring paperwork? Had I already messed something up already without knowing it?

Turns out it was none of those things. Instead, when I opened the envelope, I found Orientation Week info! Yay! The extreme nerdy nature of my O-Week quickly became apparent when I opened the booklet and found out the theme of O-Week (a week of Orientation, not Initiation!) is Dante's the Divine Comedy. We start in Purgatory! King's is very excited about The Divine Comedy, what with it being its 700th anniversary this year. I am going to the coolest, nerdiest school!

22 days left...

Wow. That is scary. That's... that's nothing. I don't know if I'm ready for this.


A. & J. said...

you will have so much fun at Orientation week. Take it all in! You'll have a blast!

ironic_nonsense said...

Yeah. So, um, like... I'm pretty sure just getting smashed and objectifying myself on King'sGirlsGoneWild.com and sleeping with the lesser half of the Dalhousie male population would by way less intimidating, and probably a lot less stressful.

This is Magpie, cowering in fear.

(Also lusting at all of the Hot Boiz she is sure to meet.)

Also: http://www.ukings.ca/kings_4130.html