Thursday, 7 August 2008

A fancy kind of day

Wow, is it ever raining. It's like the rain is making up for the rest of the day when it wasn't raining.

I spent today enjoying the lack of rain in Westboro. It was a little gross with the heat and the dust from all the construction on Wellington, but I enjoyed some quality sister bonding time nonetheless.

We ended up bargain hunting -- my sister bought two books for 99 cents each outside Collected Works, and I bought plates, bowls, glasses and wine glasses at St Vincent de Paul. Did I mention I LOVE charity shops? A lot. I also bought a charming children's book about "Discovering Nova Scotia". And it's a colouring book! Davis and I have already decided see all the sights in the book.

After braving the dust and heat, we headed for lunch at the restaurant where Davis works, which was delicious. I had fancy pizza and fancy mushroom salad. Then Davis and I went and inaugurated her fancy new Visa card by buying a fancy new hair straightener for a fancy low sale price. Look! Photographic evidence.


ironic_nonsense said...

See those ugly kinks in my hair?

A. & J. said...

Aerogold is pimp. The best way to earn points. I just used Aeromove to buy a house 60,000 points here I come!

I'll have to check out St Vincent de Paul. Sounds like a good thrift shop.