Monday, 11 August 2008

Last Supper

Last night was The Last Supper. Kevin invited over the LCI grads, all our friends, on the last day when we would all be in town together. A potluck feast was organised with massive contributions of fried rice and spring rolls from Kevin's mother. It was delicious.

I was incredibly nervous for The Last Supper, in that way that only a gathering of my high school peers can make me nervous. I made my salad, I put on my new sweater and I missioned out to Hunt Club.

Everything got off to a good start -- even Jake gave me a hug and told me he's missed me. I really enjoyed seeing everyone and catching up, but as dinner ended and people broke into groups, I couldn't help but feel like the same old story over again. I didn't have a place, I didn't belong there. That had the unfortunate consequence of making things worse by making me more uptight. Sometimes I suspect that if I could just chill out, it would be easier to fit.

I am even more psyched for King's now. I'm ready to try a new place, meet new people. A new situation.

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