Wednesday, 27 August 2008


Today, my day will be occupied by something called "packing". I believe this means I'll pull out everything I own, go through it, and put it into bags. I can't be sure. At this point, I'm hoping if I ignore it, it'll go away. No? Bad plan?

Half my clothes are packed. My bags and coats and boots are in a pile in the front room. miscellaneous STUFF is all over the place.

Me: So what I'm wondering is how I ended up with so much STUFF and how it's all fitting A) into the car to drive and B) into my room. How did this happen? Where did it all come from? WHY DO I NEED IT?

Andrea: Oh, I have done that. My advice? PURGE. PURGE LIKE YOU'VE NEVER PURGED BEFORE.

Apparently, we are fully schooled in the ways of caps lock.

So today is my last day! Which is exciting, but also inconvenient because now suddenly there are all these people to see, but, I also thought Wednesday would be the best day of packing too. It's ok; if I chant "I do believe in fairies" and click my heels together three times I'm pretty sure my Fairy Godmother will show up and do everything for me. I'll get right on that.


Stella said...

I will come see you tonight and offer word of support IN CAPS.

RAINO said...

My advise. Be ruthless but first, take digital photos of anything you don't wanna forget.
Good luck!

Mud Mama said...

I've been offline most of the summer and made a special trip here today thinking "I wonder if she's packing, and is she driving or flying to Halifax and when? Is she here yet?"