Sunday, 31 August 2008

Wet dance party in the Wardroom


I am here in Halifax! And moved in! Into res! With people!

*looks around*

Well, there are people around. Somewhere. I think.

I have been hella busy since arriving, as you can imagine. Setting up a room takes more time than you think -- I understand just a little more everyone who has been moving this summer. Of course mine was on a much smaller scale, but now it is so PRETTY. I wish I could show you pictures, but the internet here hates most of us and it's shitty and I have to wait until Tuesday, but my room is PRETTY. I am accepting the 1.5 feet of hanging space (compared to 5 feet on all the other floors of my building) and the tiny dimensions of my room and the lack of space for my posters because one thing reconciles all of this: my beautiful, beautiful window seat. That's right, I have the biggest windows sill which I can sit on, on pretty cushions I got, and do my reading. Have I started any of this reading? No. It's frosh week, what do you expect.

The full story of my move in is long and mostly boring. There were some tears from my mother and I, but everything is feeling ok now. All Saturday morning we stood in lines, unpacked boxes, were given many Thing We Can't Lose and carried an amazing amount of papers and fliers. Then I joined Frosh, Purgatory style. So far I've heard a good concert, had a pizza party, got soaked in a thunder storm during Quad Olympics and made friends with more leaders than Frosh. But I'm sure that'll change; I'm hoping people stop acting fake so we can be friends. I understand the whole "wanting to be cool thing", so I'll have to wait.

Tonight is movie night on the Quad and a ghost walk. I'll post pictures of various things as soon as I call the guy on Tuesday and then he comes and fixes my internet. Grr.


A. & J. said...

Congrats on the move! Hope everything is going well. Enjoy Frosh! It's one of the best things about going to university.

zoom said...

I always wanted a window seat. Don't worry about Frosh week. It's one of the worst things about going to university. ;)