Tuesday, 9 September 2008

The Epic of Internet (in which Evey's internet struggles mirror slightly the Epic of Gilgamesh)*

First, I expected the internet to do my bidding, and to just WORK. It must do my bidding in all things so that I might goof off and watch TV and msn with far away friends. But as days wore on, I came to understand that the internet is important and requires my respect and far from goofing, it is required for things like printing my essay. So I ventured through the underworld of maintenance. And it was dark and I could see nothing around me. Until my neighbour lent me her extra cord. I'm still waiting for maintenance. UGH.

Alright, that was silly.

Hurray internet! Here, I will catch you up on photos.

This is me being MATRICULATED! At King's one of the ways in which we rock is that students are members of the university. So last week, I put on my formal academic gown and walked over to the chapel and signed the Matricula. My name is there! I have this image of someday, my great-great grandchildren will search for their roots and go to King's and look in the Matricula and see my name.

We've been assigned our first essay and I'm totally freaked out. I have to write, and be smart, and have a thesis and... I am totally clueless and don't know what to write. There are several stages to Evey Writing An Essay, and I'm still in Denial. I foresee it lasting until later on tonight, when I will need to get to work.

Enough lollygagging on the internet. It is time to get some reading done before my Journalism class -- five hours of classes on a day the rest of the program has off. So. Fun times.

I just got a phone call and a package arrived for me! I will go and fetch it.

*It's a stretch

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