Monday, 15 September 2008

An Email To A Friend Which Has Become a Blog Post Since Time Runs Short Here

I hope this email is relatively coherent; last night was the first FYP sunday.

See, as you've heard, we're in FYP which is 4 out of 5 credits this year. It's nice and comforting and familiar because it's like high school. Every morning we head to the same room and see the same people and are all able to relate. I enjoy that a lot. The papers also recall high school. Some people talk about their psych classes or whatever and they have like three assignments all semester, but since this is 4 out of 5 credits, we have an essay due every two weeks. Last week was spent procrastinating by most people; everyone was always asking everyone else how their essay was coming, either because they were afraid or they wanted to brag, or they'd already exhausted the typical lunch line opener, "How was your night last night?". That one is always fun.

My brain is totally fried and it's because of FYP Sunday. I was so good last week; I started my essay on Wednesday and I was done by sat night when we decided to go out. I was all set. And then the freakouts started. Sarah, Davis, Davis's roommate Seana and I were all majorly stressed and freaking out. There are so many stringent rules about formatting and everything with the papers, and we were just all so worried that high school had permanently fixed "POINT-PROOF-SUPPORT" essays into our brains. This is something that all the teachers here hate. But I digress. There was a lot of stress, and not breathing and freaking out, and then I decided to hate myself and take my essay over to something called "Study Snacks" where upper years edit FYP papers. People were coming back with their papers ripped apart and a whole essay to rewrite at 11 at night. My essay was done, I took it to a friend who is in second year, and he edited my paper and liked it, and I didnt need to overhaul! ...but I did have edits to do, and those took a couple hours. The moral of the story? No matter how hard you try, you will always be up late FYP Sunday.

I ended up being up until seven, so right now I'm functioning on basically no sleep (1 hour). Adrenaline is fun! And caffeine. I was helping a friend with his essay and goofing off and hanging out and it was probably a bad call... but it was fun. I'm in university! I'm meant to sleep poorly and do crazy shit and do whatever I want...

But what makes FYP sunday all worthwhile is FYP monday, where we party. Mondays are a big party night here, since Tuesday is the day we have off FYP. I have the most class on Tuesday since I'm a Journalism major, but not until the afternoon, so plenty of time to sleep off FYP monday festivities. Tonight is a big toga party in Chapel Bay, and it's been a big deal for a week. Every floor and bay had to chip in alcohol and stuff -- I was impressed with their level of organisation. Radical Bay and Chapel Bay have been fighting over who gets to be the party bay, and we in Alex Hall are just enjoying the free booze and fun times.

Well, I have to run to my Tutorial, but I'll write you next time about the toga party and how that goes! Maybe I'll get some sleep. Maybe.

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Toga party? Photos much?