Thursday, 18 September 2008

Not Reading

Here is what we do at King's. We read. Often outside on the quad, when it's nice. Those are my friends chilling and catching up on some Odyssey.

I have decided reading is for the lame. And those who are keen. So I will blog instead and not do my reading for tomorrow. Lecture seems to be a lot of recap most of the time anyway, so reading is not always necessary. Just recommended.

In the in the interest of not reading, I went shopping this afternoon with Davis's roommate. We hit up my favourite consignment store here (hello two dollar prom dress last year) and I found a lovely sweater for two dollars in the sale bin.

I pulled out a twenty to pay.

"Oh," the owner said, "I don't think I have enough fives..."
"Oh... I just used up all my change..." I replied, feeling awkward, trying to come up with a solution.
"You know what," she waves her hand, "just give me a twoonie next time you're in, if you remember. I probably won't."
"Oh... are you sure? I definitely will, I mean..."
"Yeah, don't worry about it."

I feel very shitty about it, but I will pay her back asap.

Toga party was not really the best. I stayed sober (no matter my best efforts) and so helped out some significantly less sober friends. I ended up on clean-up crew and at the thank you pizza and beer party (with last week's Odyssey lecture-er, randomly enough. Actually, the chaplain also stopped by the toga party when it was in full swing. The girl I was taking care of fell over into him). Upper years and I get along really well... but what else is new with me, really?

I'm in a little downer mood today, missing my home and my family, and then I watched Pulp Fiction, which was depressing, a little. My mom sent me a care package and I got it today with Season 1 of Battlestar, some Ottawa U newspapers and a new one of my favourite tank tops, the last one of which I wore out. My mom thinks of everything.


xup said...

Was it Elsie's you went to? Have you gotten lost in Dressed in Time, yet??

La Canadienne said...

Yes, it was Elsie's! I love Elsie's. I have no heard of this other store though... where is it?