Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Is it too late to start/ got your heart in a headlock

OK, so maybe Andrea is right. I have been neglecting the blog a little bit and depriving you (those of you who are interested) of the juicy details of my Haligonian life. Drastic measures may soon need to be taken. Teleconferences may need to occur.

I was just happy to hear from Andrea that my move to Halifax has not made me totally boring and irrelevant to all former readers. I was also happy to hear from Andrea period, who I have missed whilst a timezone away. Also, her dog.

It's true, I'm back in Halifax. The issue of giving this space a label is tricky. Yesterday afternoon involved a lot of this:

Dad: OK, so call us when you get home.
Mom: No dear, she IS home, THIS is her home. That's... the other place.

I mostly kept quiet during these conversations. My cousins, who are in the midst of their third year of university, threw me for a loop when I visited them the summer after first year. They told me they were enjoying seeing the family, but were quite ready to go "home" to school. I didn't get it... until last night, driving down Coburg, we got really excited. At King's we all piled out and attacked Cameron (the first friend we saw) with hugs.

It was pretty unanimous. We were all glad to be home. When family home is full of awkward and guilt and sad, school just feels so much more comfortable.

Right now, I'm supposed to be writing an essay that's due tomorrow. Scratch that, I'm supposed to be re-reading the text so I can write the essay about the topic I just chose. The plan is to stay up all night, write the bloody thing, hand it in, go to class, work in the registrar's office all afternoon and then go to sleep before supper and set my alarm for 8 am Thursday.

Mmm... sleep.

No more excuses! To work.

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