Tuesday, 14 October 2008

My Weekend in Photos or How I Continue Not Writing My Essay

Friday night was Glow Bowling (Ten Pin!) with the grade eleven friends. All pictures of me actually bowling involved my looking like a fool. I did, however, miss my Geoffy vaiwy much.

Saturday night Davis had a Birthday/Reunion Party. At the end of said party it was affirmed that this would be The Last Party Ever At Davis's House. The end of an era. Though the party involved a lot of "let's see who's having THE BEST time at university!" I had fun. And I did homework! I got some pretty good quotes for my youth voting story.

As you can imagine, I missed my kitties very much. It seems that Rosie also missed me. Shortly after I returned home, she pulled this stunt. We decided she was trying to show me how cute she is, but she didn't quite fit into the purse, so it ended up being more awkward. I love her for trying.

Jubal has decided that he likes curling up with my sister's teddy bear. Here they are snuggling.
I miss Jack! Can you tell how much he clearly missed me?

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