Friday, 17 October 2008

Tuesday follow-up

So that last minute essay of doom? Yeah, I rocked that. At about 5am in a sleep and tea induced haze I had this awesome breakthrough. I was like "Yo! Paul! I totally dig what you're telling the Romans!" and whatnot. It was fun. Hopefully, my middle of the night ideas stand up in the light of day when my tutor marks my paper. I'm optimistic.

The thing that sucked was that I slept not at all, and was planning on sleeping at 5pm on Wednesday night to make up for it... but instead I went to a party on a weeknight. Yikes, lecture sucked the next day.

Since I'm a tour guide, I get to do all kinds of fun stuff related to recruiting students to come to King's. Today we did something called a "Fishbowl" where we basically just hang out and prospective students ask us questions. After the Fishbowl, this one girl came over and was asking me a bunch of questions and I just walked around campus with her and answered questions for a few minutes. When she was leaving, she said to me "Thanks! You're... like... so friendly!" It occured to me that I'm a University Student. Strange.

Last night was a packed night of AWESOME. I'm in the Dance Collective's show, so I had a rehearsal for that, and then I went to a Cheese Party my upper year friends had. As I was walking there, I realized I was going to be the only first year there, which, anywhere else, would be super intimidating. Instead I had a lovely night and the subject of age never came up. And I ate a lot of Brie. Mmmmm....

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