Saturday, 25 October 2008

Saturday Listening

What I'm listening to right now:

-a loud party next door
-my roommate in the hallway talking about her awful work shift
-a boy puking in the bathroom next door
-CBC radio three live webcast of the show I'm too young to get in to.

I may be writing my essay (well, writing... planning more like. I'm still in the planning stages.) on a Saturday night, but I am keeping hip by keeping up with the Halifax Pop Explosion -- a festival I will enjoy a lot in two years when I'm old enough to get in to the Marquee.

While lamenting my inability to see Holy Fuck, a friend looked suprised. "Friggin Ottawa kids and your no fake IDs."

The lack of all-ages music scene here is quite upsetting. I'm always hearing about all these great bands and bars that have great live music and I have to miss out. Boo.

Back to working. Let me know if you have anything helpful to tell me about St Augustine Confessions.

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