Friday, 24 October 2008

HOLY EFF part 2

[WOW: I just replaced the batteries in my electric toothbrush and it was NUTS. My teeth feel fifty times cleaner now. I swear, the thing is on DRUGS. Really good ones.]

I am COMPLETELY exhausted.

While going to the Q taping last night was clearly wonderful, it meant I didn't get anything done until late at night. Sleep deprivation* is no good when it's King's Open House Day and everyone you work with is running around on crack. I had a tour group of 20 people (that's big, people. That's more people than fit in a dorm room.). No matter how tired I was, it didn't matter. I was so psyched for Jian's talk.

I got there twenty minutes late -- I left my tour group in Prince Hall to eat and I motored down to the basement and sat down at the back of the classroom. JG was giving a "believe in yourself, work hard, be radical, make a difference" kind of talk, which was good, because it involved several fun stories. He was Student Union President at York. That's a good story, if you ever get to hear it.

Sitting at the back of the room, I was focused on redeeming myself. I didn't want JG's only impression of me to be "blah... I... hi... *STARSTRUCK*". I took deep breaths to push away the butterflies in my stomach and asked my question. Remember my not being able to elaborate on his style? No more. I asked about his show's style, blah blah, it was good. Clearly, he is very passionate about his work. It does come through in his show; when he's interviewing someone about a book, he reads their book. The whole thing. I can't even count the number of times I've heard "Now, I didn't read the whole thing, but..." on CBC. He makes sure he knows his shit.

After his talk ended, I went to talk to Kathryn Borel again. She told me about the Holy Fuck show at the Marquis, I told her about my being a doofus in front of JG last night (she laughed at me. Clearly. But he did recognize me today, and said "nice to see you again" !) As she was getting ready to go with Jian to Dal, she asked me for directions to the Dal building where the next presentation was. I actually knew where it was, and started giving directions in my own, personal, crazy way (it involves a lot of judgement). I was half way through my somewhat complicated directions when a Journalism prof I didn't know stepped in.

"What are you doing right now?" He asked me.
"Uh, I don't know... going to work?" I was completely confused.
"Why don't you take them there?" He suggested.

BINGO. Light goes off in my head. "YES. YES. Perfect. I will do that."

Please, can I get a fangirl squee from all of you?

During the 7 minute walk to the Dal building I chatted with Kathryn (my new fave person), discussed hair issues with JG (for two whole seconds) and accidentally insulted him. Oops. Those of you who have met me have met "first five minutes of knowing you" me, who has a strange voice, and very sarcastic. Here's what happenned as we left King's:

JG: Do we need to get a cab or something?
K & LC: No...
JG: Aren't we going to Dalhousie?
LC: Have you seen a map, or anything? Dal is right there. See that building?
JG: Wait, what's this "Have you ever seen a map of anything"? Hey!
LC: Aaaaahh...
K: Nice. From quivering mass to insulting the host.
LC: Nononononono
K: No, I admire your hutsbah.

Not gonna lie, I mostly talked to Kathryn during the walk. But he hugged me goodbye! Geez, I am such a fangirl...

My mom said she heard my cheering when she listened to the show today. I'm going to listen to the podcast to hear it.

*Neither is having the hickey that won't die.

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Glad to hear that things are going well for you out in Halifax.