Saturday, 15 November 2008


So much for NaNoBloMo.

I have been completely MIA for a week, working on:

FYP essay
journalism article
journalism essay
journalism scrapbook OF DOOM
a book a day in reading

...and now, it's all done. I can go to bed before 3 am. I can hang out with friends without a knot of guilt. I can spend time in places other than my room. I am SO EXCITED for sleep.

In other news, the Dance Co's show, Clockwork, has been going so well. We've been having a blast, hanging out, rehearsing, chilling, and, of course, dancing. So much dancing. Dance parties all the time. Tonight, Dance Co hosted a dance part in the Wardroom after the show. It competed with the big Dante party in Middle Bay and totally won. I headed over there after my late dinner with my mom -- who is in town! For my birthday! Which started an hour and a half ago!!!

It's been a big week, and it will be an even bigger weekend.

At midnight, when it became my birthday, I was in the Wardroom, dancing my feet off with my closest friends and DanceCo ladies and my friends counted down to my birthday and then all cheered and hugged me. I feel so blessed to have incredible friends like these. And my birthday was awesome from the second it started.

At 11am, I'm having a birthday brunch with friends, and then my mom and I are going shopping. Having her here is so wonderful, and strange, and I love spending time with her and showing her my life. I wonder how she feels to be in it in Halifax.

OK. It's late, my brain is tired and can no longer compute. I hope this update made sense. It wasn't drunk blogging, I promise, although it is a Friday night and I wouldn't put it past me. No, tomorrow night is the night for partying it up at the cast party. This is going to be the best birthday ever.

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