Tuesday, 18 November 2008


I should be in class right now, but my head is all spinny, so I think that's a really bad idea. I'm not sure what my head is up to with this spinning business. It might have something to do with the lack of sleep (this is my mother's theory*). I was planning on sleeping early, but since it was Monday night, that did not happen. Too much drunken drama in the hall and in my room.

I had the most fan-freakin-tabulous birthday -- thanks to everyone who brightened my day. It was a weekend full of eating and dancing; two of my favourite things! I got cakes from my work, my mom and friends, and DanceCo. And I was showered with fabulous gifts like warm mittens, fab earrings and great books. My friends bought me Bitchfest, a collection of articles from Bitch magazine. I've been inhaling that over the past couple days and ignoring my reading. Oops...

PS: It's snowing here for the first time. I makes me miss the thick, crunchy snow on the ground in January in Ottawa. Crunch, crunch, crunch.

*My mom would interupt my birthday greeting to her to ask if I was in class. She would.

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