Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Flannel is my new best friend

Today was a gray, rainy day, and it just put this heavy damper on my day. I went to class, I went to work, I'm doing reading... but I just feel so... deflated.

My solution is watching the last few episodes of Project Runway on the internets. I'm rooting for Jarell. Sshh, don't tell me how it ends!

The wind is blowing hard outside and I feel much better now, all curled up in my cozy, flannel* bed with my reading and my computer. I think I'll put in my earplugs and fall asleep early.

* These flannel sheets are the most incredible thing ever. I got them for my birthday and I now wish to spend all my time in bed. Ask Davis -- they're perfect for snuggling.

1 comment:

A. & J. said...

i love fannel too. today's a good day to stay in and wear it.