Monday, 3 November 2008

Exhaustion has set in.

About two weeks ago I met with my tutor to talk about my essays so far. She didn't have much to say, so we ended up just chatting. "How are you doing? How are you liking it here?" Of course, I told her how much I love King's, but my eyes must have had giant circles under them. "You look... tired" she told me.

Truth is, I never get to bed before two. Living in res provides me with constant distractions at any time of day or night, whether I want them or not. It seems I have to budget an extra twenty minutes in to everything traveling time because I will aways end up distracted by someone. Then, suddenly, it's midnight and I haven't started my reading. How does this happen? I don't know. But then it's two hours of Dante or Plato or something. This is probably why I have been sick for two weeks. I sound pretty pitiful, hacking and wheezing every morning when I wake up and provoke and "Are you ok?" from my half-sleeping roommate.

Now the midterm is Friday and Dante needs reading and the essay needs writing and the journalism scrapbook needs starting and the dance show is gearing up and I would like to go to sleep and sleep for days and days and days. Saturday's afternoon of leisure only served to remind me of what I'm missing: a good, long rest. Several days, in fact, of rest. ...Later. Maybe I can pencil some in and get that....later.

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