Thursday, 18 December 2008

All in a Day

Yesterday did not start off very well. I started the day with a two hour car ride from Orleans to work. I was half an hour late. Oh yeah, this is why I would rather live in a box on Bank street than in Orleans. Ugh.

The day got much better after work. Sarah, one of the producers for CBC One's All In A Day shops at the store where my mom and I work, and my mom mentioned to her that I'm a big CBC fangirl. She offered to have me over to the studio to see them make the show. I was super excited; I changed my clothes like fifty times.

Sarah was so great; she introduced me to everyone and showed me around. I stood in the middle of the floor with all the reporters and everyone sitting in their cubicles, meeting, yelling across aisles, passing papers, everyone moving and typing and talking. It was so exciting.

When I arrived, it was half an hour before the show started. Ten minutes before the show, everyone was still sitting at computers writing things, editing, checking, totally calm. We didn't even go over to the studio until five to three and the host strolled in at 3:04. I kept looking around like "WHAT?! The show starts in FIVE MINUTES why are you not freaking out????" It was sort of weird, hearing the host reading over intros behind me, and I could hear Rita Celli in a cubicle nearby.

Sarah was directing that day, which meant I got to see her actually making the show. We sat in the control room and Sarah did her thing, calling up guests and organizing everything with Pierre, the "button pusher and switch switcher" as I described him to my mother. A woman came in with a fish for one segment, and I got to eat some of it. The best part was when Michael Bhardwaj came in to do an arts report. Sarah introduced me to him and I got to say "Oh, we've actually already met!" and then we had a chat about life and stuff. I felt pretty cool; "oh yeah, I know people. I'm all connected and stuff."

The whole thing was great. I just kept thinking "This is what I want to do". I didn't even feel the cold walking home.

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