Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Christmas Party Weekend

This weekend was the weekend of Christmas parties.

Friday night was my mom's work's party. I always go as my mom's date since my dad hates parties and I love the people from my mom's office. I worked for them for a weekend at the sexualityandu.ca booth at a fair and I went to the conference in Cuba. It was a fun night; I got to catch up with Gen, practise my french, and sit at the fun table. Plus, it seems like at those parties, everyone thinks I'm super amazing. I'm guessing I'm the only teenager they see on a regular basis, because if they think I'm awesome, they should meet my peers. There are some very smart people there.

The party was at the NAC. Because of the snowstorm, my mom invited her division to come pre-party chez nous since we live so close to the office. We got all dolled up, doing makeup and hair. The cats hid upstairs.

I think they throw a great party. The usual dinner and drinks setup, and no dancing this year -- they decided to forgo the DJ this year. The most exciting part of the night is the big raffle. Fundraised money and donations from the vendors they work with during the year makeup the raffle. Gifts are disguised so you can't tell what is in the package you're getting. Your name is drawn and you pick a prize. Everything from Sens tickets to Godiva chocolate baskets to Ipods to fancy thermoses, and there's a prize for everyone. Everyone is happy. I picked on my mom's behalf, and she is super psyched by her new fancy label maker.

The other Christmas party I went to was a secret santa gift exchange. The party got off to a slow start, but once more people I knew arrived, I had fun. Probably the white russians helped too. And it was close to my house so I was home in bed by midnight. Mmm, cosy.

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Nathaniel Cornstalk said...

Jonah got a label-maker too. He's going crazy with it.