Monday, 29 December 2008

Oranges are delicious?

Ok, Ottawa. I'm done.

You have a bus strike. I can't go anywhere.

I am sick of watching TLC all day every day. It is not interesting. Admittedly, it's my fault I am watching TLC and not putting the effort into figuring out plugging in the DVD player and watching something more diverting like West Wing. Or, you know, picking up a book. But my poor brain reads so much all the time, I read in the evenings and that's the perfect amount for me.

I would rather be seeing friends and going and doing things and you know, leaving the house. Accomplishing things. The bus strike makes that tricky, but the main issue is the lack of people to hang out with. I forgot how boring my life in Ottawa is. I don't have a tight group of friends I left behing when I went away. I mostly hung out with my mom on weekends. Living in Halifax, things are different.

I have no fun, witty ending for this post. Mmm, oranges are delicious.

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