Thursday, 8 January 2009


My time back at King's has been all kinds of fun since I've arrived back. Some of the fun has been real, good fun -- celebrating Renew Year's on Monday night, watching silly movies in lieu of reading. Lots of the "fun" has been super lame.

Item One: The flight.
It was four hours delayed, and then upon arriving in Halifax (at 3:30 am), I was unable to locate my bag. Turns out, it was in Ottawa. Due to lack of personnel and taxis, I made it to my bed at 5am. So much for lecture!

Item Two: The Great Detergent-Closet Incident of Break 08.
As I was planning some good ole fashioned New Year Cleaning (Like Spring Cleaning, but earlier!), I discovered that my full bottle of Woolite had spontaneously popped open over break. The detergent had spread and congealed over my bottom half of my closet and the floor, leaving a wax-like seal over my skirts, shoes, and drawers. Luckily, my scarves were saved. All I will say is that it took me for freakin' ever to clean it up. A spoon, a spatula, old newspapers, and a hairdryer were all enlisted for clean-up duty.

Now you're up-to-date! Tomorrow is YAS Ball, which means we all get to dress up and fancy dresses and go dance the night away. I'll let you know how it goes. With photos, of course ;) .

Weather bulletin: Today, in Halifax, it was 7 degrees and sunny. I know you hate me.

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