Thursday, 5 February 2009

Long day.

Really? It's still only Thursday?

Today, I feel like a million things have happened already. Technically, when today (February 5) started, I was still awake and hanging out in the Manning room. I had a really nice chat with Jonah, who I haven't spoken to in quite some time. We talked about boys (well... I did) and Kant. And Star Trek. Always Star Trek.

Living in res is brutal for my sleeping habits. I was up until 4 this morning, second night in a row.

I really didn't want to drag my ass out of bed.

I managed to dress myself, eat, grab a Metro (Sudoku!) and go to class. Did I get what Jacobi was on about? Not at all. It was one of those lectures where I feel like I'm trying to climb an icy hill, dragging myself up by the pads of my fingers. And the hill keeps getting steeper.

I missed lunch and went to the French Department at Dal to hear about their classes. Tutorial was like pulling teeth. I ran around campus doing errands, finally had some lunch.

Then I went to a meeting with my tutor. We're all being encouraged to meet with our tutors to get some direction on what to study Post FYP. Scary world. After some back and forth, I'd already made my choice: Stick with journalism, take classes about whatever I feel like -- I felt like this would be the way to get the degree I want and get philosophy in on the side. Seeing my tutor was more of an excuse to hang out with him and chat. He and I have the same sense of humour and same love for Neoplatonism and Star Trek. I also thought I could get advice from him about which departments and teachers were good. I didn't think I would be changing my mind about my degree.

Two hours later, a giddy me emerged from the Registrar's Office with a new plan. When I told Davis about it, she asked me if I had a fever. Maybe it's the sleep deprivation, who knows. I've decided to do a Combined Honours in Journalism and History of Science and Technology.

Ok. All of you King's types who think I've flipped, it's ok. Calm down. I'm actually incredibly excited by this. For the non-King's types, HOST is a programme that studies exactly what it sounds like. It studies how science has shaped the world. It's history, it's philosophy and it's science theory without the math. The only part of high school science I didn't like. And I get to take one of the King's Combined Honours Programmes. Science and the various theories that define how we relate to the world are fascinating, to me, anyway.

So. That's my plan. For this week anyway. But I think it's gonna stick.

Now I'm off to my hip hop class, followed by DanceFit, then, since tomorrow the university is closed (King George III Day!), we'll definitely be up late. Dance party, Middle Bay, I predict. And tomorrow I'll sleep the day away. Mmm...

PS: Maclean's 2009 survey listed King's on its own, apart from Dal and as you can see here, we kicked ass. Aw yeah. PS: Who knew St FX was so cool?

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