Monday, 16 March 2009

Peggy's Cove

My mom and my sister are here in town! Hurray. I've been eating tons of non-Sodexo food and loving every minute of it.

Yesterday (after a two-hour night's sleep... yikes) I went to Peggy's Cove to sightsee with my mom and sister. I invited Phil along as well, because he had never been and I wanted my family to hang out with him some. I think things went smashingly well.

We picked a perfect day. The sun was warm and the wind was calm, not very strong at all. We lay in the sun and soaked in Vitamin D. Then we scampered up and down the rocks and I did everything I always wanted to do when I was eight but wasn't allowed to. Peggy's Cove is quite beautiful.


Saf said...

You really couldn't have picked a more perfect day. I was so happy the weather was so nice.

Nathaniel Cornstalk said...

I think I've been there! On my choir tour to Novia Scotia and Newfoundland.