Wednesday, 11 March 2009

The rain outside is cold and yucky.

I wish that the weather would pick -- cool and damp OR nice and sunny. Or a nice transition. Instead of this constant back and forth. (The first person to comment "welcome to a Maritime spring!" gets a smack on the head).

This week has been pretty slow; I have far more work than I've been doing. I've been goofing off a little. I need to put my nose to the grindstone (one of these days) so that I get enough work done before this crazy, crazy upcoming weekend. My mom and sister arrive on Friday for a visit, and it turns out I'm very booked up this weekend as it is. I officially won President of Alex Hall for next year (hurray! Suite! With my own bathroom!), so I have to go to the student union's changeover party on Monday night. I also just found out my friend Mark is having a birthday party on Friday night, and I have to make sure I get to that. Maybe I'll kill two birds with one stone and bring my sister along! Other weekend highlights include Peggy's Cove, the Farmer's Market, and running my first Study Snacks as President of Alex Hall.

In other news...

I really really liked this post on Megan's blog -- I thought it was right on the money. She is a pretty fine looking lady, just the kind of person who would make me think "If I looked like her, I'd be happy with my body all the time". Just goes to show, we've all been fed a skewed perception of our bodies. Hear that, brain?


Anonymous said...

maritime weather is tough. i heard people use radiator and air conditioning in the same day there. that's crazy.
You know, 2 years living off the east coast, and coming back to a continental climate like upstate or canada really kills. i remember i felt like crap for a week at the beginning of college.

Youth scholar said...

yeah, i agree with the one above.

Stella said...

Congrats, madame president!!