Monday, 18 May 2009

King's Night Out

What happens when stars align and nine FYP students end up in Ottawa all at once? A little slice of Halifax in my hometown.

Davis's house served as the gathering place for the whole group, which was so familiar as the venue for most high school parties, but also so new because, hey, wtf are these King's people doing in her living room. We had a lovely time carrying on until we decided to head out.

Since most of us were still 18, we decided Hull was the place to go. I had never been to "Dirty Hull", though I'd heard many stories, most really sketchy and hilarious, and I had decided to be ready to thoroughly enjoy my adventure to the other side of the river, and all the charm it had to offer. I was also pretty excited to legally purchase alcohol for the first time. That last sentence makes me feel like a total tool (especially the wording), but there it is.

On the whole, it was highly successful. We had pitchers of Moosehead at a bar (in honour of many a Moosehead Monday at King's), we got barred from Addiction (really? Addiction? YOU are going to be strick on IDs?) and so, took our custom elswehere and danced it up. The night ended with cold pizza in Hull and cab rides back to Davis's (where there was more pizza). My wonderful mother decided to come and pick me up at 2:30 am, wasted, and bring me back to my own cozy bed. There is nothing I love more than passing out in my own bed. Mmm.

I payed her back my doing housework the next day and doing the mountain of ironing no one ever gets around to. Ironing, check, other life skills... well, I'm working on them.

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