Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Gray days make gray moods

I didn't watch much (any) TV at school this year, and I was really hoping I could keep that up during the summer. Do lots of reading, accomplish goals... or something. I don't know. I've gotten way back into TV.

ER -- ER ended this year after a pretty incredible run on television. Fifteen seasons basically makes it the Coronation Street of NBC. Sure, not every season was stellar. Fifteen is a lot of seasons. When I heard it was ending, I had been off the train for a couple seasons, so my mom and I decided that this summer we'd start from the beginning. Back in the good ole' days of George Clooney, Anthony Edwards, and Sherry Stringfield. I recommend it to anyone if for nothing other than the "aawww" factor when Noah Wyle first walks on screen.

The Mentalist -- I haven't been watching this one by choice. Has anyone noticed these "The" shows that all sounds the same? "The Listener". "The Mentalist". The Mentalist is actually kind of fun. It makes a little fun of all those other "Criminal Minds" style shows. And Simon Baker is fun. Bu fun, I mean, incredibly attractive.

Slings and Arrows -- I have no idea what took me so long to finally watch this show, but I'm in love with it. It's so funny, and so Canadian without any snow, plaid shirts, or "eh"'s. And I love Mark McKinney.

Canada's Next Top Model -- Oh the drama. Oh the fun. Oh the Jay Manuel.

So You Think You Can Dance -- This show is my favourite part of summer TV. I love dancing (well, my own attempts at dancing) and I love inviting fabulous dancers into my living room. And this season's top 20 are phenomenal, every last one of them.

What are you watching this summer?


Lorien said...

Rebeccah Wyse from Canada's Next Top Model was in my Chapters last night! She was much less attractive than she is (fakely) on TV. She wore some trendy-indie clothes (complete with big glasses, like your old ones). She bought the V for Vendetta cartoon book thing. :P Apparently she's bitchy on TV.

I don't watch anything current - I'm never home in the evenings. :(

ange ella said...

Ooooh. I love TV (as you know) + I'm psyched that there is another sytycd starting in the fall that we can watch (after pre-booking the common room. I seem to be obsessed with the common room).

Other than that - Being Erica, Nip/Tuck, I may or may not start Friday Night Lights season 3... That's about it so far. Huh.

Lynn said...

Hey Evey, just reading some of your old posts so I can write your bio on the BOLO site...and I had to comment because I ADORE So You Think You Can Dance. I am completely obsessed. I try not to blog about it because I know not everyone shares my level of TOTAL DEVOTION but I can't resist, and usually end up mentioning it at least once a week.

Brandon and Janette ROCK IT. But my heart will always belong to The Chbeeb.

Anyway, your bio will be going up on Thursday or Friday, I'll leave you a comment when it posts.

La Canadienne said...

Thanks, Lynn! SYTYCD is the best part about summer tv, no doubt. Its even better with TiVo to skip Mary Murphy ;)

If you need anything else from me, let me know!