Friday, 12 June 2009

Previously recorded.

Here I am, sitting at my desk at four eleven on Friday afternoon. Forty-nine minutes to the weekend. I’m watching the minutes slide through the hour glass, I’m working for the weekend.

The project I’m finishing up is in final approvals with my boss, who is a hundred times too busy to get to it today. I have another project I could start… but… (really imagine the whine now) I don’t waaannnnnaaaa. Working to stall forty-five minutes, I pick up my iPod and hit shuffle.

Song number one: Procrastinator’s Fight Song by the Shout Out Outs. Perfect.

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ange ella said...

Working for the weekend sucks.


This week was fine but a couple of weeks ago every day felt like it should be Friday, and I was so depressed by the fact that I was just counting down the hours.