Friday, 3 July 2009

Oh, Canada.

I had a perfectly civilized Canada Day that I thoroughly enjoyed. Best on record.

I accomplished an early goal -- sleeping in. I've done precious little sleeping in during this break and any time I get for that is wonderful. I stayed in bed until noon, when I finally got up and picked out a red and white outfit.

Eventually, I made it downtown. I love the feeling of the city on Canada Day; every street is buzzing with the energy, every third house is humming with the sounds of a party, BBQs are going with the smell of hot dogs, people are handing out free stuff, there is an incredible surplus of South American music and Eastern traditions being played out on Wellington.

A large mob of us gathered and did the traditional mid-afternoon Canada Day walkaround. We loop down Elgin, down Sussex to the NAG, back past Major's Hill and then back down Elgin. You see a lot going that way. We got the sun, the sights, and the spiked slushies that are the cornerstone of our Canada Day.

While at the NAG, showing off Maman to our out-of-town aquaintance, we got caught in the brief, but heavy, downpour. I took shelter.

After the walkaround, we ended up moseying back down the canal toward my neighbourhood. We spotted a rainbow as we passed over the Bank Street Bridge, en route to the next location.

After a few beers and some catching up, as well as a mandatory drunk dial to my cousin Nathan, I was feeling my day wrapping up beautifully. As everyone started to get ready for the march downtown to the fireworks, I decided what I really wanted was my bed. My decision was rewarded with a call from my other cousin (it's a Canada Day tradition!) and a call from Phil. Beer and shawarma in my belly and sun on my face, I crawled into bed and listened to the fireworks in the distance.
Happy Canada Day! I hope everyone had as great a day as I did.

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