Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Vinyl Cafe

Tonight I saw the Vinyl Cafe at the Museum of Civilization. I heard that a fellow blogger/one of my favourite musicians, Andrea, was playing and immediately bought tickets. And invited two friends along. I was hoping they'd say yes so I wouldn't end up going all by my lonesome , and turns out it doesn't take much arm twisting to get people to listen to Stuart McLean. He has a wonderful way of enchanting his audience so he's our friend and so are his characters and he's also going to share some damn good music with us. Cause he's that kind of friend.

Andrea's voice is so lovely and she played my favourite song, so no complaints from me. My two friends were immediately in love with her music. I also really enjoyed Hawkley Workman, who I knew I should know, but didn't. His songs made me smile. And, of course, there was Stuart.

Stuart fidgeted and squirmed. He tapped his feet and stepped and reach and flapped his arms as if to push free of the ground and take us all up, up and away from the sold-out theatre where we sat, up to this wonderful, free floating playground where Stuart's imagination lives. We all suspended our disbelief and flew with him. We were all make-believers for a couple of hours. We floated away on Andrea's voice.

It was so familiar. It was so comforting. It was so what I wanted to do the day before Canada Day. I love my CBC.

During the show, the producer came out at intervals for various reasons. At the end of the show, my friends both told me "LC, that's what you should do!". I'll file that one away for future reference.

Now I'm planning on sleeping in, leisurely waking up, dressing in red and white and finding my way to my friends downtown to celebrate this country we live in. Cheers!


Stella said...

So crazy glad you were there... My BH told me he saw you!

La Canadienne said...

Yes, we saw one another for a split second and waved!