Saturday, 5 September 2009

Calm before the storm

It's 8am and the quad is silent as the grave. One of the welcome banners has fallen down but other than that, everything looks ready. Calm. In two hours, the Quad will be filled with frosh. I'm all moved in and my mother pulled out not one hour ago. Now the year begins.

I am looking forward to the frosh week party, but not looking forward to continuing to fall behind on other things in my life, like friends and blog and me time and reading. I regret to inform you all that things will be a little hectic for me continuing through the next week. After that I look forward to settling into a comfortable routine that involves working and relaxing. And blogging. I'm making an extra effort with blogging this year.

It's nice to be in Halifax, but I am missing my Ottawa as well. And several of you in Ottawa.

I survived New Brunswick (barely; I almost fell into a river ten feet from a water fall, but no big. Also, caught on dirt roads in a post-tropical storm) and in fact, I loved New Brunswick. I acknowledge my bias in the boyfriend form, but even when correcting for that, I feel NB still ends up with a positive. When I get my computer memory situation sorted out, I will upload some of the 2 GB of photos I took so I can share them.

Well, it's off to the races at any moment. There's an angry don whose poster fell down and I am off to help him.


Milan said...

Several of us miss you too.

I look forward to the photos.

Lorien said...

I miss you lots! :(