Sunday, 4 October 2009

All I feel is tired.

Exhaustion has come back to greet me like an old friend. It has draped itself across my shoulders and up my neck. It has filled my head with cotton balls. It has made my joints ache ever so slightly. It has crawled down my legs and seeped into my bones. Ah, yes, exhaustion. Now I remember.

I spent the latter half of Winter semester on four hours of sleep a night. I have no clue what the hell I was doing. That was dumb. Very dumb. I was delirious half the time and grumpy the other half. I have no idea how anyone put up with me. I have been a much saner person so far this year - a lot less staying up to ridiculous hours and a lot more going to bed at one.

However, getting 6 hours of sleep a night has been fine in the past, when interspersed with nights of eight or nine hours' sleep. Slowly, the lack of sleep crept in on me. I'm sleeping forever next weekend.

WOW - I just realized next weekend is Thanksgiving weekend. That was shockingly fast. I am heading home for the holiday, so maybe I'll see some of y'all in Ottawa.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone's asleep in Ottawa, so you might as well join the party.