Tuesday, 13 October 2009


I forget sometimes, after a few weeks of cafeteria food, that food can be delicious, nutritious, and satisfying, all at once. This weekend definitely reminded me.

I had resigned myself to missing Thanksgiving at home this year, but through a series of events, it came to be that I got on a plane Saturday morning, bound for Ottawa. I was not in top shape. For one thing, I was very sleepy. Here is why:

Thursday: 7:45 am I went to breakfast with Katie after staying up all night in my room, writing papers. Hers on Castro, mine on the Scientific Revolution. At 5am we realized that what we wanted more than anything was tater tots and eggs for breakfast. It was our light at the end of the tunnel. We ate, she departed for her home, and I to class.

It was a terrible idea to stay up all night. I had a test that day, and then my best friend's 19th birthday party. Upside: paper done. Downside: partying on zero sleep. My body said no at about 11:30pm and I went to bed. I felt gross until Sunday, but a day well worth it. So very stereotypically college-student of me, no? In any case, Here is what I woke up to Friday morning:

Thursday night leftovers... -

...and Wednesday night leftovers -
I cleaned before I left on Saturday and just now, walking into my pristine room was the most rockin' feeling ever. I don't know why I used the word rockin', but I feel no other word would really describe it. Thank you, me from Saturday. Coming in to a clean room is the best.

Friday was a good day. I spent the evening doing laundry at the Far House with Sarah (Davis gone to Ottawa) and Gabe. They invited me over for dinner and together we threw together a chicken curry with (properly cooked!) rice and fabulously stir-fried green beans. REAL FOOD. It was amazing. I'm pretty sure I had a food revelation that night - we cooked, and it wasn't too hard. It was wonderful, and impressive, and delicious. I could do that. I could cook! Maybe I will some day. I ended up staying in instead of going out, packing and playing ridiculous drinking games (involving animal sounds).

On Saturday morning, I woke up, easily packed my suitcase, didn't overfill it, didn't stress out, met my ride to the airport, got on the plane, left. Easy. I have never had an easier flying experience; normally I hate flying and I stress way out. Not this time. It really set the tone for the weekend - I was relaxed and happy, enjoyed my time, didn't over-stress. I got to catch up with Andrea and Milan, I saw family, ate with family friends. I watched too much TV. I accomplished no reading. I ate pumpkin pancakes.

Now I'm here. In my clean room. Plenty on my plate, but happy. Feeling warm and loved, and looking forward to Phil arriving back in town next Monday. Now I need to read my face off in preparation.


Anonymous said...

It's not that far!

Anonymous said...

This is Sarah, p.s. Also it was lovely having you over for dinner! We need to do it again. Also I need to hear about these animal sounds.

La Canadienne said...

They were fairly impressive. Michelle's was the funniest.