Tuesday, 8 December 2009

A disorganised morning and a daily dose of insecurity

Well, I set my alarm incorrectly and missed my early bus this morning. I will be taking the bus this afternoon instead. Not a disaster, just kind of annoying. Then I spilled maple syrup all over my sweatpants. Then I realized I'd misplaced my hair clip and I couldn't find it anywhere. I have a strange fixation with this hair clip. It's the best one I've ever had; it's not too big, just the right size. Unfortunately it's from H&M and I broke one earlier this semester, so I'm down to one and for some reason, I have a hard time having my hair down. The situation has gotten worse as my hair has gotten longer and the air has gotten drier, causing more static electricity. I can handle it most of the time, but when I'm under other stress, as with papers and traveling, I go a little nuts. I just needs my hair clip.

I have spent my morning searching, bugging Colin twice to see if it was in his room, and getting more and more agitated. I just found it in my coat pocket. Immediately, I clipped up my hair and felt relief. Ahhh.

In other news, all this stress this semester has led to quite a bit of stress weight gain. I think. I'm kind of bad at judging my own weight gain, but I'm pretty sure it's gone up. Last year I lost 10 pounds when I went away; I've gone the other way this year. I have noticed a difference, and I'm feeling self-conscious for a whole new reason: going home. My mom hasn't seen me all semester (longest we're ever been apart, which makes us sad), and so she will notice the difference. Meanwhile, my little sister just turned sixteen and is more gorgeous than ever. I've never felt stressed about going home and seeing family friends or even my own family before, but I'm just feeling gross and ashamed.

I guess it's time to start getting ready for New Year's Resolutions.

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Stella said...

Dude, you are crazy hot, extra weight or not.