Saturday, 12 December 2009

Oh, bullet points! Shiny!

So, I've been in New Brunswick for the past few days and it's been swell. Here are some catch-up bullet points.

  • I have been sleeping until noon pretty much every day while I've been here. My sleep deprived body is loving it. I'm also loving substituting my obnoxious phone alarm for a wake-up kiss.
  • The first afternoon I was here (Wednesday), I went sledding with Phil. His house is on a hill which is excellent for sledding on. Unfortunately, somewhere between the last time I went sledding (I think I was thirteen?) and now, I lost the skill. I am really, really bad at sledding. I need to work on this. Side note: In New Brunswick, "sledding" is "sliding". Is this a NB/ON thing? What do you call it?
  • For supper on Wednesday night, we ate a venison roast. Not only did we eat venison, but we ate venison Phil's dad shot. It was actually pretty good.
  • I did loads of dishes while here in order to impress Phil's mom. Most recently, I did a whole pile of dishes while they were out this morning and she came home and said "Oh dear, well, you shouldn't have bothered". Phil's sister gave me a thumbs up and mouthed "well done".
  • I thought this would be my first church-free visit, since I'm leaving early Sunday morning. Instead, I went to the church Christmas concert tonight, which included Phil as Joseph in the nativity pageant. If you make a "Oh, I guess you're Mary, then" joke, I'll kick you. And yes, I managed photographic evidence. Haha.
  • Baptists add a half note in "O Come O Come Emmanuel" in the chorus on "-el" before "shall". I think it's awkward and strange. When I sang it the way I'm used to, Phil pointed it out in front of the whole family. Thanks.
  • I have actually been doing (some) homework while I've been here. I still have one 800 word sketch, one book report, one final reflection essay, and one exam left. Then I'm Ottawa-bound on Thursday.
The funniest moment of my trip had to be yesterday during desert after supper. I was eating a chocolate chip cookie and as I went to put the last bite in my mouth, I somehow dropped it. It landed in my cleavage. Awkwardly, I looked up to see if anyone had seen it... and made eye contact with Phil's dad who then blushed and started laughing. For some reason, right after, I thought "HellaStella would like this story". Probably because it involves cleavage.

Tomorrow I'm back to Halifax to finish up the term. Six hours on a bus... here I come.


Stella said...

I LOVE this story! Maybe you are also remembering how I can't eat popcorn without dumping it all down my shirt. I literally have to take handfulls of the stuff out of my bra at the end of a movie.

zoom said...

I'm not sure why, but I'm suddenly getting a TON of traffic from your site. Like 70 visitors today, all from a post you wrote in August. Thanks! What's going on?