Wednesday, 30 December 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Well, it's about that time of year. The time when I usually promise myself to get higher grades, drop ten pounds, and I dunno, learn to play the guitar, all within the next twelve months. It never happens. Mostly because I never plan anything concretely. What I need is a plan.

So this year, my resolution has to do with more exercise and more studying, but I'm going to try to get at the heart of the issue. I'm going to manage my time better. I spend a lot of time wandering around campus, chatting with random people, or wasting time hitting the refresh button on Facebook. I know, I'm disappointed in me too. That's the real danger of living on campus - I never hole up in my room and I'm always just steps from someone to chat with. But this is not good for my brain or my stress level. I always end up working all night and nearly giving myself a heart attack when deadlines start piling up.

So here's my plan: use a calendar and start planning out the hours in my day. Work during the day, and give myself actual relaxation time at night. This way, I will get more work done (that's the idea, anyhow) and I can actually chill out. Whew. Sounds excellent to me.

I've already set it up and started planning out my time. I have added in some time for the gym, and I will be pretty active in the next six weeks with the dance show rehearsals. There is also lots of reading time - for class. I will, at the end of this week, say goodbye to reading for pleasure until the summer. Ho-hum. I'm only part way through My Life in France by Julia Child, and I likely won't get to finish it for months. Most of my Christmas books will also need to be set aside. It's just too dangerous; I start reading for fun and then I forget about my schoolwork. Bad news.

Good luck with your New Year's resolutions, and have a Happy New Year's Eve! I'm laying low, but I will enjoy re-New Year's when I return to Halifax.

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Saf said...

Make SMART goals!


Good luck!