Monday, 4 January 2010

Back in Halifax

I'm glad to be back in Halifax, after lots of travel drama. It seems that everyone had a terrible time flying to Halifax, probably due to backed-up weather. I spent 2.5 hours sitting on the tarmac, waiting for snow removal. Yuck.

So far, I've been to one class, which sucked. Due to a prof's parental leave (fair - his wife is about to have their fourth child. If I were her, I would want him to go on parental leave too), my class has been amalgamated with another class on sort of but not really the same thing. Bottom line: my class is temporarily in another program and I have a much lamer teacher.

After class, as part of my new resolution, I was supposed to spend the afternoon reading. I was actually all set... but then I realized, I have no reading right now. Nothing. I love the beginning of term. I got to go catch up with some friends instead. I was also supposed to go to the gym, but that fell by the wayside. The hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream probably didn't help and probably had the opposite effect of the gym.

Dance Collective is ramping up for our show - I just went to my first rehearsal, and I'm very excited for it. I'm less excited to lose all of my free time. But for tonight, my morning class is canceled and the Wardroom is open and full of dance party. I am looking forward to a fun night. Tomorrow, I'll work.

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