Friday, 22 January 2010

The Choir Trend

I joined a choir! Hurray! Just like Stella.

I used to sing in a choir every Sunday at the church I went to. I even convinced my best friend to come too, and we sat in the Soprano section, singing the hymns (Anglicans have excellent hymns) and hanging out. I actually really enjoyed singing, even though I started it because I was bored in church and I wasn't allowed to not go to church.

My school has a pretty stellar chapel choir. Their Christmas concert was recorded and played on CBC on Christmas Eve and Christmas. We have this crazy amazing grammy-winning choir director who showed up and made the choir amazing. It means you have to have some singing chops prior to joining the choir. I was intimidate by that, so I was too afraid to audition for it.

Because that choir got competitive, the Concert Collective on campus decided to establish another choir, more for developing skills. I went to an audition (with the extremely attractive new choir director, son of the first grammy-winning director) and after ten minutes of highly embarrassing singing by myself, I was deemed a soprano and invited to the first rehearsal, which is this afternoon! I'm very excited! It's one more thing on the busy 3 hours of my Friday afternoons, but I am too psyched to back out.

Also, Phil is coming to visit me this weekend, and it's Saf's birthday today! Happy Birthday Saf! It's going to be a good weekend.

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Stella said...

Woot! Choirgirls forever!