Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Phone death

Yesterday, my phone gave up the ghost. After two years of loyal service, of two long distance relationships and countless homesick calls to my mom, after 600+ days of waking me up with its friendly chime, my Samsung slider could not go on any longer.

It was sad. I was just starting to like the thing. It had spunk, and a cute animation while making calls. I enjoyed the slide more than I thought I would - It worked as a nervous tick to play with and an easy snooze button on my alarm.

I had an afternoon off, so I took a few minutes and went down to the Rogers store. "It's broken," I said sadly, "the screen is broken."

"Sorry," the man told me, "we could fix it, but it's not worth it."

The phone is old, and the battery was going. I had been thinking about moving on. In fact, I'd been thinking about making the move to a smartphone.

A Blackberry, to be precise. I have thought about an iPhone, or been told I should, but I am not big on the touch screen right now (maybe I'll get over it eventually, or in our future age of tablet PCs or whatever. Maybe I'll be a hopeless romantic with buttons, just like I snail mail now). I would like to get my email on my phone, and it'd be pretty nifty to get Facebook and Twitter on my phone. I talked to Rogers, and after changing things around, it would only cost about 10-15 bucks more per month than I currently pay. And buying a new Blackberry would cost the same as buying a new phone to replace my dead one.

I guess the indecision that thrives in me is making it hard for me to make a decision. Will having email on my phone freak me out? Or will it be convenient? I will be able to get more work shifts, since I get shifts by responding to emails about open shifts, but that's a minor detail.

Does anyone have any advice for me?

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