Monday, 15 March 2010

Library Marathon, Day 1

It's going to be a loooong week of work.

Most of my "library time" was actually spent sitting outside the library, catching up with friends. Important developments occur over the weekend, even when the boyfriend is around to distract me from them. The result? I am now working on a late assignment. Ho-hum. I would love to work up the effort to care, but this is a tiny assignment, and sometimes, I just can't bring myself to, as my dad would say, rate it high on my give-a-shit meter.

The weirdest part of my day was actually before it had really begun. I set my alarm for the usual 8:00am. I hadn't gotten to bed until about 2, so I was tired. It was obvious just how tired when I felt like I was hitting the snooze every thirty seconds, even though it was five minutes. I thought I was ready to be properly awake at 8:20, so I turned off the alarm and turned on the radio.

The Current was running a radio doc about searching for answers in the crash of that french plane over the ocean, a few months ago, I think. But I fell asleep again, so I listened to the story and saw it in my head. I was a character, I'm not sure who, but I distinctly heard the narrator going throughout the "dream". I wasn't really asleep completely, because I came to fifteen minutes later when I realized I should stop and get up. It was a very bizarre experience. It was like lucid dreaming, but different. I wonder what it's called.

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Loud said...

I set my alarm (clock-radio, tuned to CBC) for much earlier than I really need to be awake - so this sort of thing happens to me all the time. What IS it called!?