Saturday, 10 April 2010

Friday Night

Today was the last day of classes for my second year of university.

I don't feel like this is particularly momentous, or worthy of note, for me. But, I looked at the fourth years who have become fixtures and sadly tried to imagine next year without them. But then I think about being a third year, which leads to fourth year and finishing and leaving and then my chest gets all tight and I need to calm down. (On a side note, I keep stressing about various things while I lie in bed reading and then getting heart burn. So I really do need to calm down).

I went to the last lecture of the Foundation Year today. Traditionally, it's a more informal lecture, given for fun by a prominent or leaving professor. This year was just the same, so I went and sat in, next to a fourth year, a fixture, and it was sad. I watched him write his notes. We did our usual insulting banter back and forth. I wonder what it will be like without him. Another friend, a tutor in the programme, is leaving to do his PhD in Scotland. It's going to be fantastic, because he is a truly gifted teacher, and he so deserves it. But we'll miss him a lot. I will miss his enthusiasm, and his flattering complements about my outfits, and his gins with tonic.

It's sad to say goodbye to great people, even when you know they're going on to big things. You just hope that someday, your paths will converge again.

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