Thursday, 8 April 2010

Thinking About Food

Along with other bloggers I read, I've been watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. I've been watching Jamie Oliver since his Naked Chef days, and this show doesn't disappoint. It's the town named the most unhealthy in America, so Jamie has gone down there to try to get them to change the way they think about good. It's very sad to watch, sometimes, - when the kids in the schools can't identify vegetables on sight, or a depressed Jamie has to add french fries to make his veggie stir-fry acceptable to serve in school - but he cares very deeply, which is lovely to watch. (In Canada, we can watch it on

Also on the topic of food, I've gotten into reading the food blog of Jennifer, one of my very favourite bloggers. Everything looks so delicious and easy - but I'm sure she just makes it look easy. Her post on meal planning was also great. She just posted on Sew Green blog, about her efforts as a backyard gardiner. It's enough to make me pick up a trowel.

All of this food talk makes me want to cook! Sort of. I mean, I am not a cook. I barely cook. I can make scrambled eggs and a casserole, if I have an easy recipe. But I should actually work on that. Living in residence means my kitchen access is highly limited, but this summer I will give it a try. I have inspiration!

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