Friday, 30 January 2009

Feet first

Tonight is as good a night as any to start blogging again.

It was necessary to take a bit of a hiatus. After my shit show of a break, I was in the dark place for a while, and didn't have it in me to write. Once I managed to pull myself out of the dark place (with the help of some strong and loving hands) I spent some time focusing on getting away from the dark place, as far away as possible. I gave myself a free pass on almost everything and did what made me happy for a while. It was a really good decision. Things are better now.

On the subject of doing what makes me happy, I decided to go for sushi for dinner. After a short but hilarious exchange, Phil and I decided to screw Sodexo for a night and went out. It was hella delicious. I could eat that stuff all day and every day.

I should be working on (one of) my paper(s), but I decided not to. Yikes, Descartes. He's a tricky mofo, that one. He's all over the freaking place. Meditating. Inventing planes. You know. The usual.

I will try to ignore the party next door and set myself to work for a little while, reward that with a trip to Middle Bay for a dance party, and hit the hay relatively early, in time for my vagina monologues rehearsal at 9:30 am. This will be one crazy, hectic weekend.


Ella said...

I'm going to take out the phrase "Sodexo for a night and went out."

Saf and I looked for you in the window of the sushi place both times we passed it. It was funny.

La Canadienne said...


I needed some sort of repayment for my hypothetical charity of sushi-buying.

Saf said...

Is Descartes also the one with the vortices? Because that is effed up.