Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Tuesday are for Tea... even in Ottawa

Well, this Tuesday I was down my usual Tuesday tea buddy, but luckily Lina wanted to have tea with me. Lina graduated from Lisgar a year before I did, and when I was in grade eleven, Lina and some other of the "cool" grade twelve types had spare period 3 when I had anthro. I quickly decided that anthro was useless and completely unimportant and designated my period 3 a spare. I spent two or three afternoons a week in Bridgehead with them, pretending to my anthro teacher that I was touring with Insight Theatre. She didn't catch on until the last three weeks of school when I stopped going to class altogether. But oh, the chai was delicious.


To celebrate Shrove Tuesday, the fam and I ate the traditional pancake dinner but added the family tradition white russians. Mmm... This was followed by some serious girl catch up time. What will I do when I don't live in the same building as Davis and Sarah next year? We'll have to have lots of tea! Delicious.

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Phil said...

Tea! I approve.